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About HPB disorders

People with hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) disorders usually present with acute or vague abdominal pain mainly in upper region, jaundice, abdominal lump, loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss, weakness and fever. Sometimes these patients are diagnosed incidentally while being investigated for other health conditions or during a routine health check up.

HPB disorders are more common in elderly. Most of the abdominal cancers present in late stages. If you or your physician suspects a liver, biliary or pancreatic problem, do not ignore and visit an HPB expert at the earliest.

While coming for consultation, patients should carry all the previous medical records, test results, CDs, CT or MRI scan reports, endoscopy and biopsy results, if any.

Common Investigations

To make a diagnosis, the patient will have a physical examination during consultation and may be suggested the following tests

Endoscopic Ultrasonography (EUS)

Blood tests

CBC, liver function tests, tumor markers, serum amylase, serum lipase.

Biopsy (USG/CT/EUS guided)

CT scan or MRI of abdomen



Upper or lower GI endoscopy

Surgery Estimate

Surgery estimate aims to give a rough idea of the cost of surgery. It is an approximate calculation and not a fixed package.


Estimate of a particular surgical procedure depends on multiple factors like class of accommodation, type of disease, exact nature of surgery, underlying patient condition, comorbid factors, need for special equipment and drugs etc.


Estimate of surgical procedure includes preoperative investigations like ultrasound, Doppler, CECT, and MRI depending on the indication, bed charge, OT charges, anesthesia charge, anesthetist charge, operating team (surgeon & assistant) charge, standard ICU stay when expected, standard investigations (Ultrasound with Doppler) in the postoperative in-hospital stay, standard disposables, drugs and consumables etc. It excludes post-discharge expenses and surcharge levied by hospital on foreign patients etc.


Estimate given assumes that the patient has a standard expected stay days for that procedure, does not have comorbid conditions that increase stay, need specialized investigations & care, does not have a complex disease that requires longer complex surgery, alteration in the standard surgical plan, longer ICU stay, special equipment, drugs, blood components etc. and has a smooth recovery without any complications and timely discharge. If there are any deviations from above criteria, it might escalate the treatment expenses.

To get a surgery estimate from us, fill in the details below and we shall get back to you.