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Jeeva Sarthakathe

Jeeva Sarthakathe is the only organisation in the state of Karnataka through whom organ donations and transplants are co-ordinated. Jeeva Sarthakathe works through a team effort of participating hospitals for the achievement of a sustained cadaveric transplant programme. Jeeva Sarthakathe is entirely responsible for managing the Karnataka State Organ and Tissue Sharing System and any other activity entrusted to it by the Health and Family Welfare Department of the State Government.

The mission of Jeeva Sarthakathe is:

  • To establish effective deceased donor (cadaver) organ procurement and just distribution of organs.
  • To set up organ sharing by minimizing wastage of organs.
  • To assure quality control by collection, analysis and publications of data on organ donation, procurement and transplantation.
  • To increase public awareness.

How it works?

A list of patients awaiting transplant is maintained by the organisation. On receiving information about prospective donors, Jeeva Sarthakathe assesses the suitability for organ donation. Based on the blood group and other criteria for matching the organ, the recipients are selected, brought into the hospital and prepared for the operation. A team of transplant surgeons perform the organ retrieval from the donor. In medico-legal cases, Jeeva Sarthakathe helps the family in sorting out the formalities.