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Liver is one of the most hardworking organs in our body. It is a large, reddish-brown colour organ located towards the right side of the stomach. It has two sections, right and left lobe. The main function of liver is to filter out the nutrients, medication and also toxic substances from the blood coming from the digestive tract. These constituents are processed, stored, transformed, detoxified, and returned back into the blood or released in the bowel to be excreted. The liver also synthesizes proteins essential for blood clotting and other body functions.

Liver disease can affect everyone from infants to older adults. Although liver disease is often linked to excessive and prolonged alcohol consumption, the truth is that there are over 100 known forms of liver disorders caused by a range of factors other than alcohol like viral hepatitis, obesity, defective genes, and autoimmune disorders, etc.

Dr. Sunil Shenvi and his team of experts treat a range of liver disorders like:

Primary liver cancers

like Hepatocellular cancer, Cholangiocarcinoma and rare cancers

Metastatic liver tumours

like colorectal cancer metastasis, neuroendocrine tumour metastasis, other cancers spread to liver

Intrahepatic stones

Liver trauma

Benign tumours

like haemangioma, adenoma & Focal nodular hyperplasia

Cirrhosis, portal hypertension & chronic liver diseases

Various types of cysts

Liver abscess

Some of the procedures that Dr. Sunil Shenvi regularly does are Hepatic resection / hepatectomy, Liver transplantation, RadioFrequency Ablation (RFA) and Laparoscopic surgery.

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