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Liver transplantation

Liver transplantation is one of the most challenging and complex surgeries due to the large size and highly vascularized nature of liver. It is the only treatment for people suffering from advanced stage of liver cirrhosis and have a life expectancy of less than a year. Typically, all Grade C and most grade B patients are candidates for

Liver is donated by liver donors, who are either from deceased, brain dead declared, family consented individuals (deceased donor liver transplant or DDLT) or a part from perfectly healthy living donors (living donor liver transplant or LDLT) who can be a good match. It could be either a relative or a friend. A small number of living donors
give part of their liver to someone they’ve never met because they want to help other person.

Paired donation or swap liver transplant is also possible, if any donor wants to donate liver for his/her family member but the blood type doesn’t match and it matches with someone’s else’s relative who needs donation.

Pre-transplant Assessment

Upon diagnosis of end-stage liver disease, Dr. Sunil Shenvi along with his liver transplant specialist team, suggest further evaluation establishing the severity of the liver diseases and urgency of the transplant, overall medical fitness of the patient for a transplant, and psychological and mental preparation of the patient.

After complete assessment, the patient is either placed on the waiting list for cadaveric donation, or, if there is a willing and blood group matched family donor available, he/she is evaluated for donation and a transplant is scheduled.

While on the cadaver waiting list, the patient follows up with the Transplant Team until a suitable liver becomes available. If the patient’s condition is deteriorating, Transplant team counsels the family to consider living liver donation.

A timely conducted liver transplant of a patient who is in a good condition, with a good donor liver has around 80% chance of success.

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